Factored In [EP]

by Glow Mechanics

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Factored In [EP] Release party 9/18/14 at First Ave's 7th Street Entry.

"I Know People" music video: youtu.be/a1EI4NegmYo

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E-mail: yo@GlowMechanics.com


released 18 September 2014

Written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Glow Mechanics.
Art by Plane Jane; video by Twan and Plane Jane.
Cuts on "Lost Trace" by DJ Father Time
Cuts on "Rare Hymn" by Moses



all rights reserved


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Track Name: I Know People
Lowry corner, cup of coffee, two mimosas, bowl of whiskey, plate of bacon, benny, Mercenary, then I'm out. Further from the point of no return like tourniquets itching to make me limbless. That's what I call living.

Hard Times, long timeline, soft people. Dominos, cribbage, cup of coffee and a quesedilla. Eavesdropping on the nomadic urban shaman folk, and the feeling of float that comes when your soul's at home.

Get them at the fresh-pressed linens. before the French presses hit 'em. Early bird killed by the kitten. Silver tongue, bad breath, and black teeth. Ask you shall receive, but my finger crossed in the mittens.

I know people who live inside a sweet spot.
I know people, yes I do.

Bugged eyes, itchy lungs and a spirit stoked. Near and close up to the legend of the peer-reviewed fear and loathe. Here we don't walk with that shoulder chip. Everybody's acting weird, nobody's making note of it.

Tongue in cheek special, order the No. 1 and lick the roof of your mouth for the flavor of the month.

Savor with your tongue the taste of not having an enemy and the feeling that awashes when you shed what you pretend to be.
Track Name: Rare Hymn (cuts by Moses)
Zig zag and a right juke, back track, spin move, goal from the back of the field. Kick to the back of the heel. No-look half-deke highlight on a piecemeal reel.

I'm bored a second into it, nostalgic for the time when I was holding down a fort with 40-some-odd different entrances. Oh for Pete's sake though. I got a problem with the modern man's shtick of sculpting firm plans in Play Doh. Blatant forces go ignored in the face of a fake faith that it'll be so if you say so.

There's something about a person that makes it worth it to engage them. Even if you hate them. It's often called moxie. It's probably called something else too that I'll remember once I take a sip of coffee. I'm feet-first makeshift, made from the forces that made sandstone and birds and so forth. I go forth, focused on the torch in a boiling pursuit, until the pilot light dies and I get bored and the corners get smooth.

Into the light, out of the natural habitat. Came and went, grass gave way to pavement. You bite the hand that feeds or claw at the teats and you start to feel sick, like how many licks to the center of raw meat?

No lips and all teeth. Tart, yes yes ya'll and no sweets. saute rotten vegetables and don't eat. Birds of a feather rock sets together and whether or not it's interesting hovers at 50/50. Sift through the different themes of being awake, pick the ones you like then scratch the ones that don't fit. That's it. Ya slipped.

Novices, like you didn't grab a couple rations as your first action in Metal Gear Solid. And not much promise but enough to still go at it often. I toe-test the air as I'm held down under water. Come up, cough, inhale and drag the lake again. Trash to flukes, to this fish, gems.