by Glow Mechanics

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released March 4, 2013

Raps by Ghostmeat and Bev
Beats by Something Legitimate
Art/Video by Kurtis Benson



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Glow Mechanics Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hip hop trio. Minneapolis. One of 89.3 The Current's 10 local bands to watch in 2015 and an honorable mention in's Best New Bands. No other angle than making hip hop that's as hip hop as possible: fresh, interesting, thoughtful, fun, gimmick-free, and anti-corny. ... more

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Track Name: Business Casual
(b) You can’t have your words and eat them too. I believe in you cause you know that when in hell to do as the heathens do. You cant spill your guts and then fill your cup right back to the brim with the very same stuff. (g)
Well that’s true. One can't go bump in the night. Sub-basement or sub par? I’ll take the latter so far. Some misplaced blame on the “Fancy that, it’s intoxication knocking.” Answer it? Most likely, probably. It's highly dangerous. (b) Probably it's highly dangerous making bluffs, so you better make sure that the stakes are safe enough. Take one of every wasted sun second you spent sittin on stuff that’s been sittin on gum. (g) That sounds yum, delicious, nutritious, and all of that but fatal flaw: missing the facts. Deficient in what you lack. Get the minerals you need and call on the noon hour exactly. Land speed record. It was lead that did the heavy stepping. (b) Heavy steppin, puddle meltin. Heel toe? Hell no. I deleted all your texts because that’s a tell tale cell phone that told the tale of you: the weasel in the henhouse. You cant really break your back if you never bend down. (g) They tried to term me vermin, but I stayed determined and followed the rabbit to his hole, squirming. Snap neck, feast. Too quick for the limp-wristed handshakes. The (ancient) Greeks deemed me evil, the Natives say a quick death. (b) Sin debt. Drownin in prime rate. Change your mind state from weasel to primate.
Your mind state shifts outta gluttonous lust for missteps. (g) Don’t flip the script. (b)Just change the syntax.
He likes his light with a splash of lime. Man, that’s fine. Its just that its kind of a bad time for bad times. (g) Overstepping bounds like, "that’s life." Past ripe. Peel it back and check like “that’s right.” (g + b) The afterlife’s a flashlight. Light me up and send me home. I thought I might set the tone with a god-manned lightning show.
Pour the water let me grow and overtake the whole earth. Saturn used no coasters. Rolling punches don’t hurt.
Track Name: Backspin
(b) As I'm watching me wait for me to stop waiting for me to leave this chair so I can go an pace more, I'm watching you hate you and how you can't stay tuned to everything you think makes everybody hate you. You're watching love love itself, fine to sit in time with just its friends, itself and nothing else. Fine to watch envy green its leaves and then be paralyzed by everything it swears that it'll never be. It's so jealous of jealousy's way of finding revelry in everything it lacks that has no remedy. No I see the neighborhor's dog, he already had his day. He finds the taste of tennis balls sweeter than the taste of fame. And there's the cat, killed by curiosity in spurts. He just laughs. You can't always choose your curse. I watch it swirl in a melting pot that called the kettle black. Even things that never stay have a way of crawling back.
(g) Copacetic. Definition: in excellent order. I'll adapt an antonym for it: wretched, abhorrent and get all up in your children's books, knock 'em out the bed frame, pulled from under the covers or just swept under the rug. Rubber-red jungle fowl wasn't consistent enough to get the upper hand of the baseball bat. Picked last in gym class for the whole of your life is talking a big game from the dugout, plus now, turn minus frowns upside down. The better man walks away. The clever man makes him think that's what he's doing and the best yet gets them both and puts an end to it. Descriptions not generally graphic, I want them out of my head so to you, it's all psychosomatic. Cross-legged. Intricate as the work put into the webbing. If you can't life the bulk weight of the slack, what happens when the down and out two crawl back?
Track Name: Gamma Race
(g) "I should go for a walk" is the notion I most frequently go with the flow and mindless drone onward and upward. My eyes drift to read the letters of the building signs, reorganize them to look more tidy, so (b) feet get the green to go with me and sleep in tow. From head to nose, it's overgrown, re-writing the pilot of the pilot of the episode. (g) Re-run, is that one in the can or the trash bin? Want to be front cover, end up washed ashore like "what happened?" From the brig to the plank, tossed overboard like last year's tea leaves. (b) It rained this morning, but thunder means god's bowling and lightning means his bowl is rolling. Opened up and stole the sun. Snow means you're golden, hail means it's time to run. (g+b) These are not idioms for every day. Brain drains and studies back every night. Not to be taken out of context. Dismantle phases, hang on to process. (b) Every few months in somewhere random a timid soul learns to sing his own anthem. Their amazed when he shifts into wise man mode, but nobody really hears him cause they're filming on their phones. (g) Timid animals have never been known to jabber jaw. Even if most are fine with it, the fringe element refines a bit. Lost in the pit of vinyl you can't see unless CD/seedy, the T-Rex won't move as long as he can see me. (b) Are you a speed freak or just adrenaline needy? Is the rush all you thought it'd be when it starts peaking? Cause there's safety in numbers but there's danger in numbers, and even mighty T-Rex makes some crazy ass blunders. (g) I've seen him stumble, "have a nice trip over your chicken legs", squawk box goes off and suggests new hobbies, but nah. Most aren't into self improvement. It's not that they don't want it they're just too docile to do it.
Track Name: Renowned
Defied, Refined, Renowned. Defiled, Reviled, Renowned. Disguised, Revised, Renowned. Decried, Re-tried, Renowned. An unstoppable force meets an unmovable project. Throw in the chicken and the egg and that's one fucked up omelet! Honest profit, heinous options, build it, sand it, scrap it, stop it, stand it on it hind two legs for a life of mind resets. Foolproof complex business model: pay a quarter, time dispensed. Back to the back room drawing board to stick it to stick figures with unrestrained force. April showers brought May flowers but all the while the sun stayed bored. I think I bit off more than I could charleston chew so I think the next chess move falls to you. I wonder if the best dressed dude in the room gets in funks like this too? Shit. I mean, shoot. I mean move. I mean stay. I mean...ooh. What do i mean? I mean, dude, what I mean to say is mean what you say but don’t say what you do. Apples to oranges, fruit is fruit and it all tastes best with cheese that’s sliced off the moon. Mean what you say, don’t say what you do and keep an eye out for bullshit, I mean, shoot. I mean truce. I mean I lose. I mean I don’t mean to be rude but please go away soon. It’s not a mood, it’s a phase, and phases tend to come in two’s, number one should end soon, then I’m free to do whatever things that were the things I used to do. It all comes back to “do.” If you’re passin through then it’s getting passed to you. I’m not presently in a wish-the-past-was-present-mood but admittedly that can be what I tend to do. Hype life, it’s mine to lose, loose ends tied right up like shoes, slip tied like noose, tied tight like screws, life’s hand is slight, it’s mine to lose. This isn't clever but it does strike me as quite funny that the brighter the light, the less it ever feels sunny. No complaints to running, just breaking in the back end. Plan of attack is “I shalt not attack when I am lacking practice." Practice your vibe drip, then open the package, then open your eyelids. I find time mime skits realer than phone calls. Finds in the basement tell ya bout the whole house .Go tack some scraps of facts on a corkboard. Go pat your back for being flat but informed more. Go back to the flash that most helped you fast forward. There are no hacks but “Act Fast” is the password.
Track Name: Output
Up, shaky start, movement, option. Contemplate, reset tape deck, then play back. Sleep, detriment, tosses and turns evident. No doze, cold sweats, dose up, try again. Yo. Squander leads to squalor more often than not. The mindset of a predator stompin' around on all fours. "I control my destiny," he says, until jagged rocks fall and the earth swallows big cat turned small fossil. (he's) long gone and history will inevitable forget. We're just particles and that's fantastic. I wouldn't wanna be anything more or anything less, and so it happened. Time is ELAPSING not EVERLASTING. Static and forward facing or elastic and expansive? The only choice you're faced with. When life gives you lemons, hop dimensions until you find the one where that is the only currency accepted. Imagination is key to make the rain into play. If you want 'em, come and get 'em. I'm hidden in a forest full of weapons.
Track Name: Relax
(b) I'm on lights, which are always on and always blink. Nowadays everything's synced by the kitchen sink. (g) I'm on aesthetics. Dark days, cold nights, mind numb inside of the ice house. Shark bait, no bites. (b) I'm on Jupiter. There's never much to do here. Only a few more of your years till we ring in our New Years. (g) Strive to be resolute. Even the perp is purpose-driven, but sometimes the proper steps prove to be too difficult to execute. (b) I'm on cue after another brush with less to do. Airy and no one's home like a tested tube. You say making meaning's what you're meant to do. You still say you can't exactly say what it said to you. (g) I'm straightforward when the synonym for situation rings for it. At other times enigmatic, or so I think. The sands of time break out of their binds and right through my fingers. Bat a lash and miss it. (g + b) I pull the feel back til I feel it. I stand in light to cast shadows. I float on top of icy waters. We only hunt so we can gather. (b) I'm off duty, so maybe now something can move me. Cause an actor can't sit back and watch his own movie like the rest of us can, man. I think I need to start trying to watch me instead of seeing through me. I'm on the mirror, so technically I'm there and here, and I do know the difference but when I say it it sounds weird. So now I'm on the last bus to the first chapter. Hey Ghost, whattaya say we cook that meat a little faster? (g) I would gander: two days looking into riddles wouldn't give you an amount of information substantial enough to take to your peers and be read over and over again. Until this jury comes to a consensus about their own input and doubts, whether or not each and every one of them will stake your claim, your life's work hangs in the balance. "I didn't know then what I know now" reboots from second to second. Stand atop your own wreckage. Cause unknown diagnosis, sayonara, comatose as any veggie has ever been. It's too unusual to be anything but self inflicted.
Track Name: Habitual
(g + b) I know this dude, he always shoots for the moon, then he bounces off of Pluto and lands back into his room. A sealed fate or impending doom? Onto a 20-sack-quest then arrive to question your investment. I find shit's best tested before it gets invented. That's better than passionless patents matched with fickle assets. Matchsticks that got moist towelette mentality, messy hand reality. Over the river and through the dark of the woods where you really shouldn't be looking for vices. My advice? Write grams a nice card and see how long you can keep your head inside a vice grip -- try it! Might slip, but who cares? Not fair to judge a risk by the sound of its hiss. Life shares its riches with those willing to miss it just to feel what the gift of that risk's kiss is or isn't, so turn your cheek. Or don't, but you can't alleviate your stress without action any better than you can place bets on how to predict the weather/whether or not you'd end up a zero, nothing worth putting thought into. Out of optics, out of mental. Just a hip hop skip and a jump from utter distrust. Busted by another attitude of "Super Bowl or bust." Core to crust, ground to sky, high to kite, light to night, fight or flight, which is right? I'm thinking about moving to: all of the above. Up up down down left right left right B A Start. Everybody smash apart. Take you to the faster part, skip to the chapters that matter more, pass the past back and forth. Armistice with the hourglass: paid in full, settled up. If you're not getting then you're giving some. Over the top, emotional flop, sitting on the ceiling tiles. It could be a while like "Don't Mention It." I printed off every last cheat code and still never finished it.